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Since day one CFML has been the most amazing place I had joint ; the support and professionalism from the coaches and the family environment makes this place unique.
thanks to all the support and training I have reach goals that before were just a dream ( 2 Spartan trifectas – and 5 ½ marathons) . Now am passing the same excitement to my daughter teaching her how important exercise is and the best place for her and for anybody to learn and enjoy is and will be CFML .

Date of Posting: 25 October 2016
Posted By: Alexander
My wife Elizabeth and I started at Crossfit Miami Lakes a few months after it had opened. I had done Crossfit at another box in the past for a few months but had to stop due to demands at work. One day Liz and I were talking fitness and she said she would like to try Crossfit and wanted to visit Crossfit Miami Lakes. I said sure why not. So we stopped by and immediately were greeted with welcoming smiles from Management and Head Coach. We first discussed the times they offered classes as we need to see if it fit our schedules and were pleased to see the available times were flexible as our schedules may vary week by week. The Head Coach then discussed how learning the fundamentals of specific movements used during each workout of the day is crucial to avoid injury and invited us to attend a week of classes.

Our first day at the fundamentals classes we were blown away by the Coach (who happens to be the Head Coach today) and Head Coach's personalities, how they described the movements, and how they demo'd the movements. The class had about 15 new members all learning how to lift a barbell and they both took the time to walk around to each individual to assist them and point out details to improve the movement. The WOD's programmed daily are explained in the beginning of each class and each individual can ask how they should approach the workout based on their own individual abilities and strengths. No matter the level of fitness their main priority is to help you get better. I know from experience and the rest is up to YOU.

We are going on 3 years of being members and we are now part of a family. We have become great friends with the staff and many of the members . The best part of the Crossfit Community is that no matter your fitness level we are all here to cheer you on and make sure you stay on track to reaching your goal wether it is to compete, build strength or lose weight. I highly recommend Crossfit Miami Lakes to anyone thats committed living a healthy lifestyle.
Date of Posting: 16 September 2016
Posted By: Robert Garay

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CrossFit Miami Lakes

CrossFit Miami Lakes is a world-class training facility located in the heart of Miami Lakes. We are a community of athletes and CrossFit coaches who teach movements, coach form and inspire group workouts many times a day. We are going to make sure that everyday you leave us feeling a little bit (or a lot) better than how you entered.

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Our classes are held in their own dedicated room and are fun, safe, and enriching experiences for all involved!

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